Winter wrap-up (archive)

Hi all-

Can't believe it's been since Thanksgiving! Happy New Year!

Things have kept me busy, though!

I'm currently working on "Breath and Imagination" by Daniel Beaty at Virginia Stage Company, directed by Saundra McClain and music directed by Daryl Ivey. I play "The Accompanist," so as you can imagine, I'm playing piano, but I also sing and play seven different characters (with almost as many dialects to go with them!) I get to share the stage with the amazing Cheryl Freeman and Travis Pratt! Come down and see us! The first week of rehearsals has been fantastic!

I suppose we'll work backwards from there!

I recently spoke at the NYMF Next Link Weekend on a panel called "Collaboration Relationships" along with West Hyler, moderated by Jen Bender.

I served as music consultant at the auditions for "Spring Awakening" for Musically Human, directed by Producing Artistic Director David Norwood, and music directed by Evan Jay Newman.

In February, ""Closing the Gap"" a concert of Dana Levinson's and Stacey Weingarten's (Rescue Rue, Monica's Mixing Bowl) was presented at Joe's Pub, honoring Jackie Hoffman, was a fantastic success!

We also had another private reading of Rescue Rue for a (big!) producer, and we are looking forward to another New York run in the next year!

My first semester teaching at Pace University began this January, with the illustrious Christopher Stephens (Wicked)!

I'm also super proud of my clients, Mike Backes, who just booked The 12, and Emily Tuckman, who just landed new representation!

And the amazing Kathryn Allison, won NYMF's Next Broadway Sensation, and made her Broadway Debut recently in Disney's Aladdin!

Of course you should check out these adorable videos from our shoot of Monica's Mixing Bowl in December!

And check back soon for more! It's shaping up to be an amazing summer, already with at least five, (yes 5!), projects on the table!